Is a Small Pyrolysis Plant a Better Choice for an Investor

Today we are facing high levels of pollution due to the increase in solid waste, especially in our oceans. The need to rid the planet of these waste tires, plastics, oil sludge, and rubber has brought about a revolution of payrolls equipment. Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment have been effectively used all over the world to convert all these waste into fuel.

How Pyrolysis Equipment works

Pyrolysis is the process of converting carbon-based materials by exposing them to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen by chemically & physically separating them into different molecules. The materials disintegrate due to high heat which causes weak chemical bonds to thermal decompose.
The new molecule is formed due to thermal decomposition which results in superior products, making Pyrolysis an important aspect in today’s industry which adds value to common waste materials.

Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment
Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant

Waste materials are fed into the Pyrolysis unit and heated up at high temperatures while moving at defined speeds. The temperature in the Pyrolysis unit determines the quality, composition, and yield of the end product. At the end of the Pyrolysis process, one gets charcoal, liquid fuel oil – which is based that were produced during the process which is cooled down to liquidity. Take rubber tires for instance, no matter small scale pyrolysis equipment or fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant you choose, the working process is almost the same, which you can find the detailed info here:

Factors affecting Pyrolysis process

1. Composition of the material – most materials are treated which makes their thermal decomposition temperatures different thus differences with the end products. Test runs are an important aspect of the process as they ensure that you can gauge the performance of the pyrolysis process.
2. Temperature- depending on the end product desired one can vary the temperatures for example if you want more condensable gas then you will set the temperatures in the small scale Pyrolysis Equipment on high whereas to get more charcoal the temperature is set on low.
3. Time material spends inside the Pyrolysis chamber depending on the thermal composition of each material determines the amount of condensable vapor.
4. Size and structure of particles- how fast the material is subjected to thermal decomposition is determined by the size of the particle whether low or high particle size, materials with lower particle size thermal decompose faster quickly yielding more pyrolysis oil.

Mini Pyrolysis Unit
Mini Pyrolysis Plant

What to consider when setting up a Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment?

There are a number of factors that influence how and where you set up your pyrolysis plant. So, what should you consider
1. Site Size- mini pyrolysis machine does not require large land to set up thus they are cost effective.
2. Size and type of the pyrolysis equipment- depending on the output required you can choose to use larger Pyrolysis Equipment have higher productivity but are more expensive compared to other types.
3. Availability of raw materials- just like any other plant the availability of materials is key to the success of pyrolysis plant. Do the research and determine which raw material is most accessible to you and concentrate on it.
4. Availability of other amenities like water, electricity and government policies in regards to the setting up of a plant. The cost of all these is a factor to consider before setting up your plant which varies from one country to another.

Choosing a Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment

When Choosing Pyrolysis equipment always take into account how safe is it. Does The equipment have the right size reactor door, pressure release system, and overheating warning system. Another thing to consider when choosing a Pyrolysis Equipment is how energy efficient the machine is because you don’t want to end up with an inflated energy bill overshadowing your main objective. Lastly, the environmental impact of the machine, because it involves thermal decomposing organic materials which contain some harmful gases. A Pyrolysis Equipment should have dusting equipment which ensures the gases released in the air are pollution free. Wanna learn more information about the good design of such machine, visit Beston Machinery Group online.

When setting up a Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment always consult an expert to ensure that you keep your cost on the lower end while you get high yields of pyrolysis oil, carbon black/ charcoal which can be used in different industrial fields. Pyrolysis oil can be refined further to produce gasoline or diesel by use of an oil distillation machine. Charcoal/ carbon black can be used as fuel or mixed with clay to make construction bricks.

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